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How to Analyse Business Strategies to Improve Your Projects?


Successful project delivery helps different firms in accomplishing their strategic goals quickly, therefore improving their long-term commercial outcomes. 

Projects can be improved by many different organisational strategies and practices, including the creation of business cases, request management, planning, resource allocation, risk management, budget control and teamwork. 

What is a Business Strategy?

A strategy is a plan of action developed by management to attain the overarching aim of the organisation, as well as it’s subsidiary goals. It significantly impacts a company’s performance. When a firm develops a strategy, it is essentially asking itself, “How are we going to play and how will this help us win?”. 

A company requires a very firm idea of who they are and what do they stand for, in order to build a successful business strategy. Strategists should consider the following. 

Vision: What the organisation hopes to accomplish in the future (5-10 years).

Mission Statement – What a firm does and how it brings people together.

Values: An organisation’s core principles that represent its convictions and ethics.

After gaining a deep understanding of the company’s vision, mission, and values, strategists can assist the company to perform a strategic analysis. A strategic analysis’ objectives are to review an organisation’s current strategies, examine its internal and external environments, and identify and assess the most effective strategic alternatives.

In order to assist you in assessing the present strategic position of your firm, this post provides two techniques and frameworks for your business strategy and analysis: PESTEL and SWOT/TOWS.


A PESTEL analysis is a method that firms use to examine and track the macro-environmental elements that affect their business, such as the external marketing environment. A SWOT analysis can be reinforced to use the findings of the following study to identify threats and vulnerabilities.

The PESTEL Framework divides the environmental elements into six major environmental kinds –  Economic, Social, Legal, Environmental, Technological, and Political 

The key to using PESTEL effectively is to selectively focus on a small number of currently significant factors that might impact the company, while also taking into account aspects that could become crucial in the near future.


Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats, or SWOT analysis, is a systematic planning technique that considers these four factors.

This method includes defining the project’s or venture’s goal and determining the internal and external elements that are beneficial and detrimental in achieving that goal.

With the use of SWOT analysis, a company may better understand how to maximise its strengths, avoid its weaknesses, seize opportunities, and control threats. The effective use of SWOT depends more on how you utilise it than on whether your firm should use it.

Why Use A Business Analysis & Consultation Service To Analyse Your Business Strategy?

While your company is expanding and thriving, it might be challenging to evaluate your business strategy. To better understand your businesses, the assistance of a specialist or professional is suggested. A skilled business improvement consultant company like Zulong can assist with your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. They assist you with:

  • Assessing current issues and identifying new ones: The consultant will look at issues that the owners and management have previously identified. Consultants can also address new or unexpected difficulties due to their objectivity.
  • Finding solutions: A business consultant will plan solutions to the issues they discover and present strategies for chances to expand the company, raise profitability, and improve efficiency. For instance,  your business has a great sales department but a meagre marketing department. This is a chance to expand your marketing capabilities and make the most of your sales team.

Do you wish to grow your company with an international business management company? Zunlong is one of the top management consulting firms in the industry, and we can assist you with everything from strategic planning to strategic assessment. Contact us at info@zunlong.com.au or visit our website at https://zunlongmc.com/ to find out how your business can further reach its goals.