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A Guide On Management Consultancy and Marketing Strategy & Planning for Your Business


Every business or organisation, that stands successful today did not emerge victorious overnight. ‘You reap what you sow’, is a phrase that can be used here perfectly. The success of your business depends on how well you engage and profit from your target audience. It is not like you establish your business and have strangers coming in, buying your products or availing your services. 

Business strategy and analysis are what make it possible for any business to establish a target audience and work towards spreading brand awareness. What would business be without marketing? Tonnes of headless chicken in one coop! Marketing is simply activities and procedures carried out to create a need in your target audience and promote the features and benefits of your services/products through the process of buying and selling. All business transactions are a result of marketing activities such as advertising, selling, delivering, word of mouth, etc. 

If you’re wondering why someone needs marketing for their business, then you have to understand that a successful business is not the product of just one action, cause, or reaction. Everybody in the organisation must work towards different objectives that are all targeted towards a common purpose. These actions will cause reactions and progress that in turn deem a business successful or relevant! 

Marketing Plans:

A marketing plan consists of marketing strategies and objectives that play out in the favour of your business/organisation. Think of a marketing plan as a map. This map outlines what strategies must be used, what objectives must be pursued to help render strategies effective, and different ways of doing so. This path is set out with different objectives that point to an ultimate agenda that must be followed with the intent to help raise brand awareness, strengthen customer relationships and loyalty, obtain new customers, increase sales, and improve retention.  

This plan should also outline what tasks are to be carried out and how will the company benefit from the completion of these tasks. A plan is always formulated once a specific marketing strategy is already set in place, and ready to be implemented. This is because a plan relies on how a marketing strategy will work. 

Marketing Strategy:

A plan that defines how a company or business can get in touch with prospective customers and turn them into clients is what a marketing strategy entails. Marketing strategies will help out things into perspective and work towards a common goal! These strategies revolve around the company’s value proposition; its key branding message, target customer demographics, and more. If you have had your fair share of marketing adventures, you must be familiar with the ‘four Ps’ of marketing: product, prices, place, and promotion. 

A marketing strategy set in place for a business/company will always be outlined in the marketing plan,  all objectives are mentioned with an entire timeline on how the company should perform going further. 

With the help of a legit marketing strategy, consumers can understand the company better in terms of what they bring to the table and what is the aim of their brand. 

Marketing Objective:

Marketing objectives are small and coordinated tasks that are put in order from department to department to reach a particular goal. All these goals combined make up a bigger picture in terms of the brand or business’s standing. Marketing objectives have a specific timeframe, methods, etc. to achieve them.

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