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Case Study 1

Zunlong Management & Consultancy

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The Issue

In the 2020 the Chinese and Australian trade war impacted many businesses which saw a loss of revenue with many businesses with the ban on certain products or significant trade tariffs. 

Many worked to sell their products through Hong Kong and then into China through a distribution modelling. Unfortunately, many who did this model ended up impacted by the same fate months later by the closing of this sale channel. 

The client’s revenue dropped from Au$12 million to $5 million, with some of the beef product going to waste.

business growth

We managed a restructured approach where the farm purchased further land overseas and was able to utilise various bilateral agreements to improve sales quantity including sales into new regions. No staff were lost, and now further reinvestment is occurring into the business for further growth and improved quality.

Revenue loss from pre-trade war
Increase of revenue after restructure
Market share increase

Future work and planning

We are still working together in delivering new technology and drone technology to the forefront of the industry. By utilising these capabilities, stock can be looked after and employees can be upskilled with less risk and improved health and safety. 


Zunlong Management & Consultancy can find new ways within the agricultural industry to improve and design new strategies for better returns and increased profits. We look at a holistic point of view that allows you to do what you do best while having a company with your best interests at heart and improved research capabilities. 

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