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Case Study 3

Zunlong Management & Consultancy

Bridging Culture, Innovation & Technology

The Problem

Investment firm was looking at entering new markets with the ability to obtain new information and news while increasing further revenue. The company mainly traded in commodities and stocks with a select few high worth individuals. 

The company was also seeking to expand it’s client base to cater for further investments while having full understanding of tax offsets and government grants. 

The solution

After doing much research, Zunlong Management & Consultancy built the plan and roadmap of entering mainland China with the ability to register the office with tax offsets and government grants. With a targeted networking, the client base was also able to increase with significant improvement to revenue and industry news. What was also built was an AI integration that was able to manage investments and know when to trade efficiently.

Customer growth
Increase revenue
Strategy evaluation improvement

Financial Services & Fintech

Zunlong Management & Consultancy has build an interesting yet dynamic array of understanding within the fintech and financial services industry, giving it a further edge on its knowledge and ability. We seek to always improve technology and services together for a more wholistic approach while keeping in mind governance and compliance.

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