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Case Study 4

Zunlong Management & Consultancy

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The problem

A plastic Manufactory was placed into involuntary insolvency due to payments that weren’t being made to creditors. We were engaged to find issues and solutions to many of the different problemes the company was facing. 

The main issue that was found that efficiency and quality controls were not put in place, which lead to contracts being lost and increased staff turnover. 

Management were also facing other troubles within the office which started to leave a toxic relationship between collegues and clients driving the company into the ground. 

The Solution

The company had new processes and procedures implemented for more efficiency and wastage was reduced significantly. Staff were retrained and upskilled to match the new company environment dynamics ensuring the future of the company. 

Zunlong Management & Consultancy also worked with the directors in a way that enabled them to change their leadership model to more transparent and encouraging employees to strive for their best. 

Revenue improvement
Wastage improvement
Staff satisfaction Improvement
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Manufacturing Industry

At Zunlong Management & Consultancy we look at a number of different ways to improve business efficiency for the greater good. Whether that is with the processes or procedures through to redesigning manufacturing facilities to reduce workload and time wasted. 

We also look at how to improve staff skills and knowledge for better improvement in their work and reduce staff turnover as it can become a significant cost to the business. 

Management is a key element of any business, which should be taken seriously in ways to encourage employees to do what is necessary for the business. 

By implementing all of the above, the business had the ability to improve significantly through continuous improvement strategies. 

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