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Case Study 5

Zunlong Management & Consultancy

Bridging Culture, Innovation & Technology

The Problem

An International Insurance firm had been involved in an litigation matter which caused a number of issues including PR and legal implications that landed in court. 

Both sides were trying to resolve the matter however the main issue that was present was the misunderstanding in cultural understanding and a fight for survival. With tensions high with emotion and not understanding the customs of another culture, the risk was significantly higher.

The Solution

The misunderstanding of culture was a major issue along with the why and how things were done in the home country. Whilst the Insurance company was following the law as per the contractual obligations, further explanations to both sides enabled each other to come to a peaceful resolution that enabled the matter to be settled outside of court. 

At Zunlong Management & Consultancy we worked with both sides in building knowledge and understanding to reach a peaceful conclusion. 

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Crisis Management & Culture Understanding

At Zunlong Management & Consultancy we like to understand different cultures and educate those who don’t know why and how things are done in that culture. We pride ourselves in this area in the fact that most international disagreements or business failures are due to a lack of knowledge of customs in that country or culture. We work in various ways to further promote cultural awareness for the benefit of Global Development. 

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