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Case Study 6

Zunlong Management & Consultancy

Bridging Culture, Innovation & Technology

The Problem

A debt collection agency was experiencing significant uplift in matters where the onboarding of new staff was required.

The Streamlining wasn’t efficient enough to be handled by manual processing. This caused matters to be lost in the system and revenue slower than what could be maintained.

The Solution

Streamline processing and build new efficiencies for the business. Retrain staff that align with their personal goals and lifestyle. While also building processes that align with litigation for long term delinquency of debts. 

Revenue increase
Efficiency increase
Expense decrease
Reduction of aged debts

Business Process

At Zunlong Management & Consultancy we look at all of the elements within the business to create efficiency. We purposely design the strategy to reduce cost and boost recovery rates. The debt collection industry is a vital role in business success in retrieving unrecoverable debts that traditional business owners don’t have the capacity or time to collect.

Therefore, it’s important to have the right processes and understanding within the business to drive success.

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