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Case Study 8

Zunlong Management & Consultancy

Bridging Culture, Innovation & Technology

The problem

A digital company reached out to understand and conceptualise further understanding and planning of a concept project that they were looking to completing.

The Company wanted to design something that was not yet built and further more they also required capital to fund the development of the project of $27 million

The Solution

The project was fully funded by an international Venture capital firm which enabled the project and resources to be channelled and project managed. As the Metaverse is currently an ever-evolving landscape and to some who don’t know the links between different pieces while new technology is adopted. Zunlong Management & Consultancy was providing ongoing research and advice to ensure the project got to the beta stage. Further research enabled the company to understand the landscape and deliver an experience that was not on the market as yet. 

Deep tech Industry

At Zunlong Management & Consultancy we work as a think tank and use what we have found to assist in the conceptualisation and building of various technologies to drive performance. We further understand where the market is heading to predict on a case-by-case basis to drive the desired competitive edge for a company. Where will we help take you?

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