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Business Strategy and Analysis

The success rate of business strategy is incredibly low with some saying as low as 7%, due to the business not having the ability to implement the strategy. Yet, there is a beautiful PowerPoint and a lengthy report. Zunlong prefers to work differently and work for long term success. As part of giving the presentation and report, we like to implement and overcome the challenges that you would normally have together. 

Cultural consulting

Our uniqueness is understanding how culture impacts a business and why. Roughly 70% of business failures occur internationally due to not understanding cultural impacts or social understandings. Not everything works for every country globally.

Business Improvement

When we talk about business improvement, we look at the continuous improvement factors of the business. Meaning how does the business continually improve it’s processes and products. Businesses that work to implement continuous improvement streamline their processes, reduce waste and reduce the costs. Reasons for failure is usually due to lack of stakeholder engagement and implementation.

Business Management

At times we deal with different investors who are seeking to improve their capital growth or don’t have the ability to run a company due to their busy schedules. Therefore, we work with them to build up the business for the long term revenue gain and work out the best exit strategy for returns.

International Business Planning

Whether it’s taking a business or product overseas or understanding where the market is situated for your product, it must be understood how it must be done. Many businesses fail due to a lack of strategic planning.

Corporate Memberships

We are a team of super professional photographer